Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Update, humph!

Ok, it's been several days since I really put anything in here. At least I think it has. The days are really starting to run together. It will be nice when the retail Christmas season is over, since this is about to drive me nuts.

This week is going to be a real killer. Since it's the week before Christmas, the store is open until 11:00, instead of 10:00. So, instead of getting out before midnight, it will probably be after 1:00. Hell, it was after 1:00, two nights last week, we stayed open till 10:00. Shit. Oh well, I can't bitch, I knew what this was going to be like.

I would have really liked going to the InterneX convention in Las Vegas, but I just can't get away. (Or have the spare cash to go right now.) From what I've heard and seen from past conventions, it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. (What was the description? Oh yeah, if you go to this convention, there's NO WAY, you WON'T get laid.) Parties at the Hefner mansion. Meeting the greats of the porn industry. Three days of frolicking in Las Vegas, porn style.

Ok, enough of the fantasy. Back to reality. It's time for bed, so goodnight.
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