Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

It's Tuesday afternoon, I'm at work and watching the seconds click by. Waiting until at least 4:30, to leave. Although, I could probably sneak out before that.

The boss asked again this morning, when I'm taking my vacation. Unfortunately, even though I don't like it, I'm too dedicated to just leave for the month of December. I will probably take off most of the last 2 weeks, though. But with having the part time job, I won't be going out of town for Christmas, this year. Oh well.

Hhhhmmm, a cowboy trucker just walked in the door............

Oh yeah, back to what I was saying, I won't be traveling much for a while. Of course, I can't really afford it right now, anyway. I am supposed to be going to New Orleans on business next spring. I may extend that trip a couple of days. Spend my birthday in The Big Easy. I visited there once before, 15 years ago, and missed my birthday by 5 days. Seeing some of those boys could make for a very festive celebration.:)

The weather is still very warm for December. I can't believe I'm still not having to wear a coat most days. Not even a jacket, today. But they are saying there is a cold front moving in this weekend.

Well, I work tonight, so I won't be home until around midnight, again.
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