Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Home now

Ok, I admit it. I was suffering from Internet withdrawal. I have a direct phone line in my office, at work. That same line is the backup on our fire alarm system. Well the alarm went off yesterday saying there was a fault with the system.

We called ADT and informed them. They said it was a phone line problem and we would have to do the fix. Ok, no problem. Except, I get a call last night from ADT informing me, I have a system problem with my fire alarm. No fuckin shit. It really makes me feel safe, when they have such fucking morons working there.

So, anyway, the phone guy shows up this morning to investigate the problem. He's doing all sorts of futzing in the phone closet, which is normal. He then tells one of the guys that our problem is the phone lines were miswired and that is what is causing the fault. Excuse me????? First of all, the system has been in place for three years, and it just now malfunctioned? Second, he was the one who did the wiring.

So, he proceeds to "fix" the problem. Yeah, he fixed it all right. Suddenly, I didn't have my phone line anymore. He then left to go to another job.

We called, but he was busy, so he'll be back on Monday to reattach my phone. So, no internet access most of the day. And I was just in the middle of reading friends' entries and responding when I lost the connection. Oh well.

Lynn said something about going out to dinner tonight. He's in the shower now. Don't know what will happen after that. Although, sleep sounds really good right now.
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