Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Not too bad for a Monday. Had the night off from the other job, so did some running with Lynn. Got latte's at Starbuck's while we were out. (We went to one of the shops, we don't normally go to, because there's a really cute kid working there. Lynn was hoping I would get to see him, but he wasn't working tonight.) But there was a customer there who did look like he would have been a lot of fun. There go the fantasies again.:)

Just need to get through tomorrow, and then the boss is taking the rest of the week off. Which makes things much easier to take. It's almost like a vacation for me, too. Speaking of my vacation, I need to get it scheduled, since I still have almost three weeks left. Looks like I'll be taking most of December, off again.

Tomorrow, the State of Kansas is sending someone in to certify our lab. Currently we send our waste water analysis out to be tested, once we're certified, we'll do it in house. Not a real big deal, except, they make you do a lot, you wouldn't normally do. Oh well, it's all politics.

Time for bed.
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