Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, I admit it.......

Yeah, I admit it. I am, how was it put? One of the 8 people who DIDN'T see Harry Potter, this weekend. And one of the 50 who hasn't read the books.

Speaking of HP, a pet peeve of mine is how they always announce "the record breaking revenue generated this weekend when XXYXHQKJHASDF opened at theaters". Ok, so it grossed more money, but why not use a true indicator of how popular it was. We all know, ticket prices are always going up, so you can't compare the gross take from, say HP this weekend, and something from 5 years ago. The increase in prices alone, make it impossible.

So why not use the actual number of tickets sold. Just say 13 million people saw HP this weekend. Of course, I guess that isn't as impressive as saying it is about to break $100 million on it's opening weekend.

Gees, I must be board if I'm talking about gross movies....er movie gross.
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