Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Yahoo it's Friday

This has been an extremely long week. So glad Friday has finally arrived. Didn't get to bed this morning until 1:30, so the alarm at 5:00 was not a welcome sound.:)

Lynn is doing a reformat/reinstall on his computer and was using my consulting services. (He was having difficulty getting his computer registered on the domain. And I have never shown him how to use the NT Server tools.)

Half the staff took today as a vacation day, so it's pretty quiet around here. Which is nice. I really didn't want to deal with a pile of BS today, anyway.

Several people are still really upset about our failure on Wednesday. I have scheduled a meeting on Tuesday morning to discuss the outcome. That should be a lively meeting;. The biggest issue is the fact that certain people are too afraid to let anyone know the true situation. In fact, the Site Manager called my boss Wednesday night and told him to have me send an email to the National Manager (the Site Manager's boss), telling him what happened. But under no circumstances was I to say we failed. I was only supposed to say we didn't pass, but make it positive.

So, more Corporate Political Correctness bullshit, saying stuff to make your bosses feel good, but not telling the truth. Ain't Corporate America Great? I don't think there's a CEO out there, who has a fucking clue what is really going on in their businesses.

I've got to stop. I'm getting cynical and starting to rant again.
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