Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Is it good news??????

Well, at least I'm still employed for tonight. Who knows about tomorrow. And I do still have the other job, so I guess I won't starve, for a while anyway.

If you are wondering what this is all about........we failed, which in a sense means I failed. So, I could let my normal inner self out and chalk this one up to being a totally fucked up loser. But I won't, because this time, it isn't ALL my fault.

We have three months to correct the problems before we are reaudited. I'm hoping, today's experience will open some eyes, in a constructive way. We've been needing something to get people off their asses, I just hope this is it. And that people sitting in high ranking corner offices don't come looking for the scapegoats to pin this on. I guess time will tell.

Tomorrow is another day. Gawd, do I have to look at another one?
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