Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Got the new struts put on this morning. Makes the drive, muuuuuch smoother. Yeah.

While they were doing that, Lynn and I went to lunch with one of his old bosses. The three of were obviously having more fun then everyone else in Applebee's, combined. Apparently, Kay has had a run of dud dates, recently, so we were just cutting up and laughing like crazy. All three of us were making comments about all the guys as they went by. No telling what our poor waiter thought. He was 24, an ex-construction worker and cuuuuute. There were several times he walked up to the table just as we were laughing about some comment we had made, and kept trying to join in. If only he knew what we wanted him to join in.......

Stopped and bought cards and gifts for a couple of friends' birthdays. One's today and the other is tomorrow. They used to be lovers, but broke up a few months ago. They still live together and are having a combined party tonight.

Not sure what we'll do after the party. I have to work tomorrow, from 1:15 - 5:15.
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