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The connection finally clicked

Ok. Several months ago, my nephew was talking about the fact that his best friend was working at a certain computer superstore. I met this kid, probably 10 years ago, and thought he was spoiled little creep.

So when I started working for this same chain, a couple of months ago, it didn't really hit me, that this might be the same location. Until last night. Ben, one of the service techs, walked up to me and asked if I knew this person. It was my nephew. He then said, he lived next door to Chris. (Or used to. He and his mom moved a couple of years ago.) Suddenly the lights came on, this is the same Benjamin. Sheesh.

I was also invited to a LAN party, last night. I declined, since I'm not a big gamer. Although, I have been told I should go anyway, since it will be all these teen/twenty-somethings, with beer and ....... No, I won't allow myself to be tempted.:)

I made an appointment to get the struts changed on the car, Saturday morning. So another early Saturday. At least then it will be done and hopefully will fix the problem. I hate the thought of having to buy new tires, too. Or worse yet, there is some type of major work that needs to be done to the front end.

Oh well, bout it for now.
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