Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


Ok, what happened today. Hhhhmmmm, let me think......... Come to think of it, not much. God, I live a boring life.

Work, well there was a power failure this morning, so when I got in, I already had a message from the corporate guys telling me the WAN connection was down. Before I could even get to the computer room, I already had two otherr people asking me if there was a problem. Gees, give me a chance to look.

So, my first hour and half was spent tracking down and correcting that problem. The rest of the day kinda went from there.

Got in another argument with the boss, but that seems to be a daily occurance. I feel bad, the guy doesn't have a clue, most of the time. I just get really frustrated with some of the stuff he comes up with.

Oh well. That's pretty much it.
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