Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, what's been happening?

Yesterday was one of those days, when I was asleep standing up. And the headache hit about 3:00 in the afternoon. I took some drugs, so it didn't last all evening, so that's good.

Didn't get home from work until 12:!5 this morning. So much for wanting get out of there at a decent hour, last night. I guess I shouldn't complain and should feel some pride. Even though I'm only part time, they have started depending on me to be the "senior" person in charge at least one night a week.

So, it really surprised me when I got up this morning without hardly any problems. And actually got ready so fast that I arrived at work 20 minutes earlier than normal. And I'm not feeling all dragging today, either.

Lynn was looking for some stuff last night, and ran across the missing Halloween pictures of me. So, I went ahead and submitted an entry into the contest. Don't know when mine will be displayed, but you can see all the entries at the Gaycams Halloween Contest.
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