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Just got out of a 2 hour meeting. I really hate going into these things, where corporate politics run supreme. You can just look around the room and see it in peoples faces, they don't agree with what is being said, but they shake their head yes and cheer on the speaker, who is usually their boss.

Part of my responsibilities include coordinating our quality program. We actually are certified as to meeting an international standard for quality systems. (Big Deal!!) Unfortunately, we have a corporate philosophy that is contradictory to the requirements of the standard and our program. We don't have the resources needed to keep the system running, even though, that is one of the first requirements. Everyone agrees, we don't have the resources, but no one wants to tell the corporate folks, we can't do it.

So, we fuddle and muddle through, just scraping by. Everyone is extremely frustrated. We have these meetings and everyone complains about how much work it is and they can't get it done. But no one is willing to be the first to fail at the process, so we continue Band-Aid things to get by. And sink deeper into the mire.

And I get really frustrated, because I now have a reputation as someone who is really good at bullshitting the auditor when he comes in. We don't have to fix the problem, because I can always talk my way out of it. Well, I'm getting tired of talking.
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