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What a crazy turn of events

The ex roommate called last night, very upset. I helped him move out to California, only 6 weeks ago. He headed West with all the hopes of a bright future. Finally a chance for a long time dream to come true. He had a job all lined up and a place had been offered for him to live for however long he needed, "No strings attached".

Well, after arriving, things weren't as they had been illusioned. The job wasn't ready yet. The last information is maybe in another 2 weeks. So, he filled in the time doing contract work. And apparently, there were strings attached, after all. So, last night, he was informed that he hadn't fulfilled his responsibilities and was out on the street.

So, now I don't know what is going to happen. He may soon be clicking his heels and be wisked back to Kansas. Although, I know, that is the last thing in the world he would ever want. I'm not sure I blame him though. It is a tough call, living on the streets or living with me. I would probably chose the streets too.

I just get really pissed at people who do that to other people. If you're expecting to get something, say so up front. Don't lie and say, no strings, and then make life miserable for them when you don't get what you want.
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