Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

End of the weekend

Well, another weekend is over. They always go by so fast. Today was much better then yesterday. No sneezing fits all day.

The list of to do's at mom's wasn't bad. Only a couple of easy things that only took 30 minutes to complete.

Things got a little crazy when I got home this evening. I'm not sure what the disturbance was, but the people across the street had a real yelling match out in their front yard and in the street. I think the only thing that broke it up was the downpour that started during the argument. The guy was billowing at the top of his lungs, really echoed in the complex. And the woman was screaming back at him Half the neighbors were all standing out on their front lawns watching.

After everything quieted down, I went on about my business and didn't think anything more about it. That is until I heard a pounding on my front door about two hours later. I go down and open the front door and there are two policemen standing there. They want to know if I called in the complaint. I told them no, I hadn't called.

PO: Well aren't you Tommy Johnson?
me: No I'm not.
PO: Well, do you know who that is?
me: No I don't.
PO: Well why would someone call in a report that someone was weilding a gun and making a disturbance and give that name and your address.
me: Well I really don't know.
PO: And is that your car in the driveway?
mw: Yes
PO: Well did you know the license is registered to a Dodge? (I have a mustang).
me: Excuse me? It hasn't been registered to a Dodge for the last 6 years when I've gone in a renewed it.
PO: Well, you should check on it, but the dispatcher might have made a mistake.
PO: Sorry to have bothered you. What was you name again? How do you spell that?

The only thing I want to know is, why did that cute Blonde cop keep staring at my crotch? I mean, I had on jeans. I admit, they are the tight ones that kinda show things off, but still. I wonder if he would like to go out on a date. HHhhhmmmmm. Ok fodder for fantasy time.:)

Actually, they were both very doable, but the dark haired one, didn't say a whole lot. But I wouldn't have kicked either one of them out of bed.:)

Watched the first part of Further Tales of the City, tonight on Showtime. I enjoyed the first two series, but the first episode of this third one, wasn't too impressive. I hope they haven't ruined it, like they do most sequels. I'll go ahead and watch the rest of them and see if they improve.

Well, that's about it for tonight. Time for bed. The alarm going off at 5:00 always comes way too early. And Monday's are always hard to get motivated for. So the start of another joyous week.
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