Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, I'm home from work, undressed and sitting here having a cup of tea, to relax.

Just reading through email and friends' journals.

Found out tonight, there is another Sunday night meeting tomorrow night. So my free day has been cut short. Oh well, I knew what I was getting into when I started this, and knew there were sacrifices that would have to be made.

It was kind of funny tonight. I was talking with Allen, who is only 16, and we started talking about how old I am. He kept say how wise I was and how much I know, but that's because I'm so much older. And that is why he keeps coming to me to ask questions. Yeah, ok. 16 is a little young to flirt with, but hey, not like I'm going to touch or anything. And I said I really didn't feel as old the driver's license says. He said he was actually shocked at the meeting we had the other night, when he found out how old I was. Everyone there thinks I'm in my mid-20's. Can you believe this shit????

Brian was shitting his pants tonight, thinking he was fired. He had unlocked a laptop computer and left it laying on the counter, and the keys out on the display. He then proceeded to wander off with a couple of his friends to the other side of the department. I found the keys laying there and picked them up. This is a pretty major violation. So, to teach him a lesson, we all got together and hid the laptop and the keys. Then told him to start doing some stuff where he would need the keys. Also asked if he knew where the missing laptop was. We let him sweat for about 30 minutes before we told. I don't think he will forget in the future.
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