Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

A friend of Lynn's flew in this evening from San Diego. He's here for the weekend. I guess they went out for the evening, since Lynn wasn't here when I got home. He wasn't supposed to get in until something like 9:00. And they probably went to dinner after he arrived.

Work was a bitch tonight. The store was hit by some major shop lifting this afternoon, so everyone was on alert tonight, $1800 worth or hard drives and video cards. Other then that, it wasn't too bad. I'm supposed to go in at 6:00, tomorrow evening, but they told me I could come in at 5:00, it I want to. I still haven't decided if I want the extra hour or not.

So I'm home, trying to wind down. Semi-chatting with Sweety Adam. Drinking my second cup of tea. Questioning whether I want to go in and find something to eat or go to bed. Which is the STRONGER pull, food or sleep?

But I'm also fighting these fricking allergies. Started sneezing again about the time I left the store, so now my nose is all stuffed up. Just took an anti-histamine, hopefully it will kick in shortly.
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