Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Reflections - Part 2

First off, to everyone who commented on my posting of yesterday, I want to say thank you. To say the least, I was overwhelmed with how many people responded with words of encouragement. When I made that post, it was not with the intent of getting responses back. So, everyones' comments were unexpected.

However, upon further reflection, I have noticed, in several journals on and off of my friends list, that what I experience is the same for them. And then with the comments made on my entry, both in LJ and directly by email, that this state of constant depression is more wide spread then I thought.

From the sounds of things, this is almost a universal feeling. So, I pose the questions, why are we all so depressed? Why do we all feel alone and separated from the rest of humanity? Why do we bury the feelings and keep them hidden from those around us? What drives us to put on the happy face, to pretend we don't feel the way we do?
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