Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Annual Physical Exam

Ok, just got back to work from taking my annual company physical. Basically, they said they didn't see anything wrong, but the blood work still has to be done.

Question, when having a hernia exam, would you prefer a male doctor, a female doctor, or it doesn't matter? Well, the few times I've had it done, it has always been male doctors, some of whom have been cute. Mmmmmm, but I digress, when those fun little memories pop in your head.

Today, for the first time, I had a young female doctor tell me to drop my shorts, turn my head and cough. A parody of Star Trek, pops into my head, "Where no woman has gone before......."

It was a little strange, but I was mostly indifferent to it. Not really a big deal. Of course, I'm sure she understood I wasn't interested in her, since I just kinda shrivaled up.:)
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