Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Early morning breakfast meeting this morning. I have to be in at 7:00. So I've been up for 45 minutes, already. Already been in to shower, now just a matter of getting dressed and try and get enough energy to take off in a half hour.

Working the other job tonight, so this will be another long day. I do enjoy the other job, but it has become very intense, very quickly. They were already short-staffed and then the department supervisor just started a month long vacation to be home with his wife and new baby. Another guy was fired/quit, this past week, and a third is in the Marine Reserves, so he has to keep changing his schedule.

After only 2 1/2 weeks, I'm already being treated as one of the experts, helping out the new guys who've only been there 1 week.

Lynn and I met up with a friend of his, last night, in Westport. His friend does pottery as a hobby and Lynn had a couple of old crock bowls he wanted refired. After that, came home and watched the season premier of Buffy.

Oh well, guess I should get dressed so I won't be late for the meeting.
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