Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Another exciting day at work

Ok, today's excitement. One of the guys saw, what he thought was an elderly woman, wandering around the parking lot, trying to get into the cars. Supposedly, she kept trying to open doors to various vehicles. So he came running and grabbed me to go out and help him flush her out. He thought she had alzheimers or something and didn't know where she was.

Well, we found her sitting in the back of a van. Told the guy who owns the van and he came out to see what was going on. She told him, her husband worked here, and she was just waiting for him to come out.

Well, we coaxed her out of the van and inside while we called the police and ambulance. She heard the call, so she took off and we ended up following her out of the plant. Police and ambulance arrived, caught her and carried her off. Apparently, she was half-way telling the truth. Her ex-husband works here. He recently divorced her, because she was always drunk. She was pretty intoxicated today, too.

Seems she also broke into the plant last Friday, trying to find him. And took off when someone questioned what she was doing.

Such a wonderful place to work, people just wandering in off the street, making themselves at home in your car. I just love this place.
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