Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, another long day. Ended up with a headache tonight. It's not too bad yet, as long as I don't bend over, but when I do......look out.

The store was pretty busy tonight. Which is good, it makes the evening go by much faster. But the main computer system was down all night, so we couldn't do any custom systems. And we were out of stock on most of the items in this weeks sale ad. So there was a lot of talking and customers saying they'll be back on Thursday, when the new stock arrives. I guess we'll see how many come back in.

I was finally made official, tonight. Got my uniform shirt and name tag, so I couldn't blend in. It's not like, I was avoiding selling. Like I've already said, I was bored with the shadowing by the second night.

Lynn took his truck to a transmission specialist, this morning to get their opinion of what is wrong. The dealership first told him, it was the clutch master cylinder, then they said no, it was the transmission. The guys this morning said, the master cylinder is bad, it's leaking all over the place, and the transmission is slipping. So, don't know what is going to happen next. When he called the dealership back, they still hadn't checked on prices for a rebuilt transmission. I guess he'll find out something more tomorrow.

I'm heading to bed. Hopefully, I'll sleep tonight, and not be so exhausted, tomorrow.
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