Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, Just got back a little while ago, from picking up my car. Turns out, this was a known defect, and was fully covered under a recall. Hhhhhmmmm, how come I never got the recall notice on THIS one?

Of course, they found about $300.00 worth of other stuff, they offered to fix. They sure sounded disappointed, when I told them, I either already had that work done or it was scheduled to be done by someone else.

Luckily, it was only a busted hose, and no permanent damage was done when it broke. So, back up and running again.

Lynn isn't quite so lucky. He took his truck back this morning, and now they're telling him, it's his transmission. (He had it rebuilt, 5 years ago.) He's been complaining about this problem for almost 2 years, and they kept telling him it was normal. Now they say, oh no, it's not normal, you need to replace your transmission, that will $2000 plus labor, thank you very much.

To say the least, he wasn't a happy camper. I guess he blew up at the service manager, who has now agreed to find a rebuilt tranny, and install it for just their cost, no labor. (They said retail on a rebuilt runs about $500.)

He's also feeling really sick. Kept telling me, he felt like he was going to vomit. So, now he's at home, in bed. The dealership is supposed to call him later today with the info. They went ahead and let him drive the truck until they get the parts in. So he'll probably take it back next week and drop it off.

Other then that, really don't feel like being at work today. Oh well. {sigh}
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