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What a day

Ok. Today was one of those, what else is going to happen days. Lynn came by to pick me up from work. We were going to run by the dealership to pick up his truck, and then I was going to head in to work. He got there at about 4:15, the dealership is 15 minutes from where I work. No problem. It's 30 - 40 back North to the other job, and I have to be there at 5:30.

Unfortunately, as he's pulling into the parking lot, he notices smoke coming out from under the hood. He calls me quick to come outside. I pop the hood and there's anti-freeze everywhere. Only problem, I don't see where it is leaking. Ran back in and got a gallon of water, poured it in the radiator, and watched in run out the bottom of the engine. My guess, and hope, is it's a busted heater hose.

Anyway, had it towed to another dealership, down the road from the dealership, Lynn's truck is at. Talk them into hauling us to the other dealership, so he can pick up his truck. Small problem. His truck still isn't completely fixed. They agree to let him take for the evening, under the circumstances, but have it back there tomorrow morning. It's 6:15 by the time we leave.

I finally got into work at 6:45, which, considering, isn't too bad. Everyone was asking to make sure I was ok and the car was ok. Amazing how fast stuff gets around.

So, spent the evening following one of the full timers around. And then, after the store closed, started the cleanup process. I was SOOOOOO happy to hear tonight, that the department I'm in, is ALWAYS one of the last to get out of the store. So everyone is supposed to be cleaning, restocking, etc., but really, they are all pretty much standing around looking pretty.

We all finally made it out, at about 11:00. Yeah, I was supposed to work until 9:45. I guess I ended up making up the lost time.:) Ran to Wendy's afterwards, and now it's time for bed. 5:00 comes way too early to be staying up like this. Hey, I'm not 21 anymore. Although, if I keep hanging around with all those young boys at work, I may feel 21. No, I didn't say feel up a 21 (yo). Of course, that could be fun too.:)

So, hope everyone has a good night.
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