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Ok, got the call this evening. Looks like I passed the piss test, and have been asked to be there at 8:00am Sunday morning for new employee orientation.

I guess this means, no more staying up all night on the weekends. I'm sure all the guys on ICUII will be happy knowing they won't have to bear looking at me naked now.:)

The cost on fixing the roomy's truck started going back up. Seems, they have now found another part which has to be changed. They think his truck will be done tomorrow, but no guarantees.

I really don't mind him using my car during the day, while I'm at work. Just sometimes it's a little inconvenient, for both of us. Just like tonight. I thought I'd be done, about the same as normal. He showed up at 5:25. Unfortunately, I got called over to help with another problem about 5:15, so I was tied up, on the other side of the plant until 5:45. So he had to wait out in the parking lot for 20 minutes.

And the other day, he got caught in traffic, coming to pick me up, so I had to wait 25 minutes for him to get there.
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