Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok. Just sitting here catching up on e-mail and LJ friends. I had an all day meeting at work today. So, wasn't able to check up on anyone at work. And I ended up being pretty busy after work, In fact, just got home a little while ago.

The events of yesterday are still pretty surrealistic. I've heard it all compared to a SciFi movie, and in many ways, it has been. I just keep waiting for the hero come swooping in and save the day. Hollywood always has happy endings. Life doesn't. But I have already seen many instances of real heroes. People giving of themselves to help. Joining together to work as one.

I saw in Adam's journal. Someone had IM'd him complaining about all the coverage and preempting a show he wanted to watch on TV. I agree with Adam, that is pretty shallow. There are more important things, then a TV show. There are more important things then the little nuisances, we have to put up with everyday.

So often we forget the big picture. We get caught up in our own personal lives and don't see what is going on around us. Our little problems become paramount in our lives. It takes something like this to bring things back into perspective. But obviously, some people don't get it, even when it hits them in the face.
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