Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, went for the prescreen test, this afternoon. Not that I'm worried. I'm no saint, but haven't done any type of illegal substance in almost 20 years. Very seldom even drink alcohol, anymore. When I go out, I'll have 1 drink, maybe 2 if I'm really feeling happy. I even gave up smoking, 6 months ago. About the only vice I have left, is caffeine. Which I partake of, WAAAAAAYYYYY too much of.

So, that means, will probably start the second job, at the end of the week. They have orientation on Sunday mornings.

The roommate is still fighting over his pickup. He called corporate customer service today. They called the dealership back, and the story the service tech gave them, was different from what he told Lynn on Friday. So, now they are doing all sorts of investigating to see who's spewing the line of BS,

Speaking of BS, KC is getting ready to auction off the cows from the parade. Now's your chance to get your very own fiberglass cow!!!!

Well, guess I should go see if I can find something to fix for dinner.
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