Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, it's Saturday. I have the third interview for this part time job, this afternoon. Lynn is still upset that he wasn't approved, basis their automated interview. He's really getting depressed.

And the shop finally gave him an estimate to fix his truck, $670. Apparently, the fuel filter they put in, back in March, failed and caused the injectors to clog and the fuel pump to fail. But it's not their fault.

Part of me, really isn't looking forward to going back to work in retail. Not thrilled with working even more hours per week. But part of me, is. I used to enjoy the camaraderie, back when I did it in high school college. The question, will it feel the same now as it did then? Or am I too old to fit into the fun crowd? They always say, you can't go back. I guess I'll find out.
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