Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

A Wonderful Day, oh joy!

Ok, what started out as an extended lunch to run the roommate up, and myself too, to the hiring fair, turned into a 3 1/2 hour long lunch. I'm looking for a small part time job, just to help out until things get back to normal. The roommate is looking to start getting a good income again.

So we both go up and apply. He is also looking at part time to supplement his at home work he is doing, But that hasn't gotten established well, yet.

They have an automated phone in first interview system, before they will even let you fill out an application. Well, we ended up phoning in, in the store, and he couldn't hear very well, so he apparently failed their initial screening. "Try back in 30 days, sorry." I ended up going through the second phase of interviews. May have another tomorrow. All for a fricken part time job. Yet the place is full of high school kids who don't look like they really care about being there. Who knows.

Anyway, he's very depressed about it. I'm upset because I know he is very capable, and hate to see him feeling worthless. "Can't even get a job over a high school kid."

And part of me is dreading the extra 15 - 20 hours a week added to the 50 I already put in. But the bills have to get paid.

I guess I shouldn't let things get to me like they do. Here I am feeling sorry for myself and there are people with problems out there. Another cyber friend was diagnosed with a small easy to fix tumor, a month ago. As of this weekend, he is in critical condition. Has pneumonia, a collapsed lung, on a ventilator, barely able to speak. His extremities were turning blue. And I feel bad about how things are going in my life?

Well this is getting really drawn out and a lot heavier then I want it to be, so I'll end it here. The rest will get pushed inside again, where it normally sits. Nicely hidden from view. And I'll be the Happy, Chipper, don't let anything bother them, person that everyone expects to see.
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