Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Back from travel

Made it back to KC early this morning. The delay coming back was considerably less than the trip out, but still a delay. I had a few tell me to stop flying AA. But that's where all my miles are and I've flown some of the others. They don't impress me much either.

I still didn't make it into Philadelphia proper. After the extremely short night on Tuesday, I ended up crashing Wednesday night. One of the guys at the lab told me I shouldn't go into Philly at night anyway, if I am not familiar. He said it's gotten really bad. "Everybody's shooting everyone".

I also wasn't too happy to get off the plane in KC with the temperature at 34°F. It was still 74° when I left Philadelphia. And the only "warm" clothing I took was a sweater. And it was packed in the checked bag.
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