Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Growing up in the Midwest, mailboxes at the edge of the road were everywhere. And everyone used the "Postmaster General Approved" Tunnel box. That standard, ugly, galvanized metal box.

standard mailbox

Most were nailed to the top of a fence post or a stick driven into the ground. As I got older, I saw some people trying to decorate their boxes with fancier posts. Using parts from farm equipment welded together in interesting shapes, or old hand pumps, even rusty old seed planters.

Today, most areas have gone to the "community" mailbox clusters. And the areas that still use individual mail delivery, most people have gone to the plastic all in one boxes. But occasionally, you do still come across the traditional boxes with interesting posts.....

While out on my daily walk, I ran across this one. It is now my favorite mailbox post.

High Voltage Mail
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