Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, it's after 5:00 and I'll still haven't done squat, today. Need to go in and shower.

I saw NAPA is having a sale this weekend. I need spark plugs and the roommate needs an oil filter. So I guess we'll be running there at some point. (Yes, there are a few gayboys who can work on their own cars. Although, I don't think I can really be called a boy anymore.)

And Baby is complaining that he wants to go play in the park. So, as soon as Lynn gets out of the shower, and I can get in. I guess we'll go see what mischief we can cause.

The problem at work ended up being solved late yesterday, so, at least for right now, I'm free for the weekend. But who knows what problems will arise.

Still having problems with getting a second job. The place I'm trying for, has a really fucked up system for hiring. They require an automated interview before you can get an in person interview. Problem is, their system is screwed and keeps saying, they aren't hiring at this time, please try back in 30 days. But when you call the store, they are begging for help. They said to come in on Monday and do an in person, since Mondays are the day they review applications. I'm wondering if they will be there, since it's a holiday. I'll go in, just in case.

The roommate is looking into going to a technical short course. It's a 10 week intensive course in computer technology. But it is a full time curriculum, which means you can't work while attending. So, I guess I'll still be paying the bills for two for a few more months. They also told him, they would defer the cost until after he finished. I'm wondering how much they charge for doing that. The cost of the class is $15K. If he does this, I sure hope they get him hired on somewhere quick after graduation.

Well, just heard the shower shut off, so time for me to jump in and get cleaned up.
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