Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,


L and I volunteered to help out with Stand Up For Synergy on Saturday night. It wouldn't have been so bad except the store waited until last Thursday to plead for volunteers. We have a new supervisor who is over community involvement who is a real B. She doesn't broadcast what events are coming up. Other people will find out and then beg for assistance and she just brushes it off. If no body shows up, no big deal.

There was an event scheduled a couple of weeks ago. Something that had been committed to back in April. When she was approached about it, she basically said, there's a store meeting and that is more important. Besides, that commitment was made before she took over. What a great attitude and way to promote how involved you are with the community you serve.

So the Synergy event had Jay Leno as the guest entertainer. Not that I am a big Leno fan. The whole evening was kind of a "CF". The plans for what we were supposed to do, changed about 50 times in the course of the evening. But I guess all those people paying $500 - 10,000 a plate were happy and Synergy made a big haul. So everything turned out ok.
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