Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

travelogue part 1, finally?

I guess it's past time for this entry.....

We left on Thursday evening with a plane change in Chicago. Boarded a Boeing 777 headed for Heathrow. We landed in London a little before noon and walked to the hotel at the airport. I decided it was easier to stay at the airport and take the train rather than fight to catch the early morning flight to Amsterdam.

We had reservations for the champagne flight on the London Eye at 3:00. Unfortunately, by the time we got checked in and caught the Tube to central London, we didn't get there until 3:20. Luckily, they give you a little leeway and allowed us on the 4:00 flight.

Since the champagne flight is a premium ticket, you are escorted by your own personal guide to a special line that bypasses the crowds. There was only one other couple going on this flight, so a capsule that normally holds 25, had just the 5 of us.

It takes 30 minutes to complete the ride and on a clear day you can see 15 miles. Of course, this day was very overcast, so everything was grey and washed out.

After the ride we stopped and had a lunch at a little restaurant called the Arch Duke, which is built into the arch of one of the bridges.

Wondered over to Piccadilly Circus and then into SOHO. We stopped into a couple of bars and had a drink.

Then it was back to the hotel to sleep before the early morning flight to Amsterdam.
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