Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Woo Hoo, Spring is here!!

I'm really happy spring has officially started. Although it was warmer on St. Pat's day, than it is today. But that's ok. Warm weather is just around the corner.

Speaking of Tuesday, it was very warm out, so all the boys were out in shorts and t-shirts. And people wonder why I like warm weather. :)

13 days and counting......

I've said this before, but I really think we have become way too sensitive. There are times when I get really tired of political correctness. Yes, the comment last night probably wasn't a good one, but does it warrant the "TOP STORY" on every news feed and the topic of everyone's debate? Does it really need to have the president of Special Olympics making a demand for an apology from the White House? Come on, aren't there more important things to worry about?

There are times when I think we give words too much power. Maybe I just had the old adage about sticks and stones beat into my head so much as a child, I still fall back on it.

On a totally different subject, one of the managers at the store was fired yesterday. This individual was brought in about 8 months ago. One of these that thought their sh!t was all that. Ruled by coercion, manipulation and bullying everyone around them. Told people that he was a manager and they weren't so do their f***ing job and shut up. Well several people got fed up and sent a petition to the corporate office back in November. Half the store signed it. And there was the normal response of "we're investigating and as soon as we find something, we'll let you know."

After not hearing anything since December, HR started calling everyone who signed the petition, the first of the week, to say the matter was being handled locally and that they were closing the case. Everyone assumed that was that and nothing would happen.

Fast forward to yesterday morning when he was fired. But not for anything relating to his poor managing skills or the above mentioned petition. No, he was fired because he stole from the store.

I guess that sends a pretty clear message, you can treat people however you want, but don't steal from us.

Oh well, I guess I should get back to work.

Only 13 days......
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