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Ok, another trip next week. This time it's a meeting in St. Louis. So I get to drive down Tuesday afternoon. That will make Tuesday very busy, voting and driving.

The meeting will be all day Wednesday and until noon on Thursday. Then drive back to KC Thursday evening. Lynn said he might drive down and join me, it depends on what days he has off next week. But even if he does, this trip is just business and no play.

Ok, I know there are reasons that some people really want push one candidate over another. And it is somewhat common for employers to nudge their employees a certain way. But getting a phone call last night telling me to have all of my people, including myself, at a 6:30am meeting this morning is a little over the top. And then to find out it is a political candidate running for US Rep, coming to make his sales pitch to everyone, has put me in foul mood. I don't even fucking live in Kansas, I only work there. Sitting through a campaign speech for a party I don't agree with and a candidate I can't vote for, even if I wanted to is taking the nudging to the extreme.

Actually, I'm just tired of this whole political bullshit campaign. I'm ready for it to be over.

Ok, I'm better now. I'll stop ranting.
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