Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

The Travel Update

Ok, I guess I should finally post the update on the last couple of trips. Let's see if I can remember.

Rhode Island and beyond......

    We went to RI the last week of August.

    This trip was mostly "business". Ok, it was a 1-day seminar that ended up being 5 days total.

    We flew into Hartford, CT on Saturday and drove to Providence. We stopped in Hartford and bought a GPS. Surprisingly, it came in very handy.

    We went out Saturday night and found a couple of bars. Just to see what they were like. The one place was interesting. Apparently it gets quite frisky in the back corners. Although I didn't see anybody doing anything.

    Sunday we drove out to Provincetown, MA. We spent most of the afternoon and evening wandering around the area. Then on the way back, we almost ran out of gas. There aren't too many gas stations that stay open on Sunday nights on the Cape. We found one open station, and the kid said we just made it, because he was getting ready to close.

    Monday was a quick trip through Boston and then up across the state line into New Hampshire. Total state tally up to 44.

    Tuesday, I had my conference and Lynn went down to the beach. He told me how wonderful it was. :)

    And back home on Wednesday.

Ok, it's time for coffee, so NYC will have to wait for the next update.
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