Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

We've been in NOLA for a few days and having a fun time. Lynn ended getting a guest badge so he could walk around the conference with me. The supervisor at the registration desk said he'd have to wear a spouse badge, but that would save him the $100 registration fee.

We ended up taking her a box of Ferro Roche chocolates this morning to thank her. She said they are all volunteers and they do just because they love it so much, so it wasn't necessary. She finally accepted it and started crying, because no one had ever given her something, in all the years she'd been doing it.

Tonight we headed over the quarter and saw some stuff going on on one of the side streets. There were lots of photo light panels and huge crowd. When we asked what was going on, we found out they were filming a movie. It was The Librarian 3, staring Noah Wyle. We even got to see him up close. I snapped a couple of pics on the cell phone, but only one came out.

But it's late now and both have an early morning. I'll update more later.
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