Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well the last week was certainly fun-filled. Let's see, two Saturdays in a row for the annual company safety dinners. This year we went all out and had them at the bowling alley. :) I guess it wasn't too bad. And it's probably better for team building to get everyone out bowling together compared to the last couple of years when we went to Dave & Busters. There, everyone was pretty much left to their own.

One of Lynn's cousins died a couple of weeks ago from cancer. The funeral was last Saturday. So we went to that before I went to the dinner. It was one of those all day events. So we were there from 10:00 to 4:30, when I finally said I had to leave to go to the dinner.

Of course, the funeral was about 5 miles from where the dinners were being held, but I had to go home to change clothes first, 30 miles in the opposite direction.

Then this past Saturday, we had another all day adventure. This time, we got to spend several hours at my old high school. The store had donated a scientific calculator to the school for their Science Olympiad. None of the managers were available to go to do the presentation, so Lynn volunteered. And since it was being held at my old school, I told him I'd go along and show him around. It is weird walking back in after *cringe* 30 years. One thing I can say, the geeky boys of today don't look anything like the ones when I was in school.

We had freaky weather yesterday. It was a combination of thunderstorms, hail, sleet, snow showers, all at the same time. Now today, it's back to being sunny and close to 70°F. Tomorrow we swing back to snow and 30°F. At least we'll be in New Orleans in just under a month.
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