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We're home from Texas. Got here a couple of hours ago. He told his mom we were driving back Friday night, so we could have a day to ourselves, without the constant, come over and do this or that.

We went to an Intel training in Plano on Wednesday night after driving all day. We'd both been up since Tuesday morning, so neither of us were too hyped. But we did get to meet some new people and make more connections.

Thursday, we went to the Texas State Fair. His mom wanted us to call them by 9:00, so we could get an early start. For once, we were ready and they weren't. His step-dad had a bout of hyperglycemia and had to lay down for a couple of hours. By the time they got to the hotel, it was already after noon.

And of course, they were upset that we wanted to take separate vehicles. But we had fun, just the same. They ended up leaving around 6:30, which gave us a few hours to enjoy the fair without them constantly wanting to meet up. We rode the Texas Star, which was disappointing. It only made 3 revolutions, two of which were for loading and unloading. For $6.00 a person, the ride should have lasted longer. We also rode The Big Kahuna, which was fun. I was little worried about L. I didn't know if the high speed and jerking was going to cause him pain, but he said he really enjoyed it. After the fair, we headed back to the hotel to crash for the evening.
Friday we headed over to his folks house to go to dinner with them. Again they complained about us wanting to drive ourselves, until L explained that his truck sits much higher and is easier for him to get in and out of. They loaded us up with a bunch of stuff to bring back to KC and we said our goodbyes. They thought we were driving back Friday night.

We headed back to the hotel and unloaded and went over to the baths to soak in the hot tub, and just our luck, the whirlpool was closed for repairs. It's one of the first times we've bought a membership and actually made it back before it expired, and we didn't use it. Simply because the one thing we were going for, wasn't operational. Ok, so the walking around half naked and boy watching is fun too, but.....

So instead we headed out to the bars to see how they had changed. First stop was The Hidden Door. We stayed there a couple of hours and played darts. There was a group playing at the board next to us that had a REALLY cute "straight" boy with them. We told them we'd be back on Saturday night and maybe we could meet up if they were back.

We also went over to Cedar Springs and went to TMC, The Round-up and Woody's, but none of them were too impressive.

Saturday we stayed in bed until noon and then drove out to the Galleria to wander and people watch. And then on the way back to the hotel, stopped in at Zippers and Cruise Inn. Of course it was early, so there wasn't much happening, but neither of us was interested in sticking around.

Back to the hotel and soak in the hotel spa before heading back to The Hidden Door for more darts. Cory and Jose were there. Cory came running over when he saw us, but they left a little later without even saying goodbye. (Cory was the "straight" one. Well, maybe that should be rephrased, he was the one that claimed to be straight, but was so drunk he was sucking face with guys right and left.)

And then back to KC today. A fun trip, but like most was way too short. Now we both go back to work tomorrow.
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