Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Well, L starts his new position, with the store tomorrow. After almost 18 months, they have finally given him a full-time position again. But when he called the benefits group on Friday, about switching his insurance back over from Cobra, they told him, he would have to wait another 60 days, just like a new hire.

His new position is part of a change the whole company is implementing, where they will have roaming customer assistants that can help out in any department, depending on customer traffic. This sounds great in principle, but in order to do this, they robbed staff from each of the departments. After all, we can't increase the labor overhead. So where we would normally have 2 or 3 people staffed in the computer department from open to close, now we'll only have 1 or 2, most days, and none on others. I think this will work out poorly, but they say it's been great in the test stores.

I had to go into the store this morning for another 7:30 meeting, but at least I had the rest of the day off. Which was filled with all those fun activities, like doing the dishes, 6 loads of laundry and sweeping the floors. But now I have fresh sheets on the bed and clean dishes in the cabinet.

L's mom is grilling him about the exact dates we'll be in Texas. I can already hear the list of things she'll have for him to do when we get there. So it may end up being another trip like April, where we have things we'd like to do, but won't have time.

We ended up going to Chili's for dinner tonight, after he got off work. I thought it kind of rude of the waiter, when we sat down, stating very bluntly that last call would be in 5 minutes and they were closing in 15. I wanted to say, "look asshole, we walked in 20 minutes before you closed, deal with it."

So now we're home. L is in a great deal of pain from his test on Thursday. He called the hospital this morning to see if someone could prescribe some pain medication, but they never called back. He's supposed to back next Thursday to get the results. Hopefully, they saw something and will be able to finally develop some sort of treatment plan. Every doctor he's been to, tells him the same thing. The X-rays don't show any problems, so you must be faking it.

Oh well, I guess I should think about heading to bed shortly.
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