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The latest, "Oh, not again"!

Back in February, I signed up for online bill pay through my bank. I figured, why not save the postage and writing out all those checks each month. And the bank was now offering the service for free.

So I added all of my monthly bills to the system and started issuing payments. Everything was fine until April. I got a call from one of my accounts saying I was past due. I checked online and the transaction had already been deducted from my account. So I called customer service and gave them all the information. They did some checking and said obviously they had credited the wrong account, but I would have to have the bank fax them the check to prove I'd made the payment.

After a week of calls back and forth, they finally agreed they'd made the mistake and reversed all of the non-payment surcharges and credited my account for the payment. They also said that this should not have happened and promised that I shouldn't have any issues like this in the future.

Fast forward to last week. I received a statement from an old that was closed a couple of years ago. It was for the AT&T Universal Card. The only reason I had it was because AT&T stopped issuing calling cards in the early 90's and sent out these combined cards instead. The statement showed a payment to the account and a credit balance. I knew I would have to call them and figure out their mistake, but with the holiday weekend, I hadn't had a chance yet.

Then yesterday, I got a call from another account, saying I was past due on my payment. And guess what? It was the same company from back in April. And when doing a little checking, I found out, this company is the same company that manages the AT&T Universal Card. So I called customer service and tell them the payment was made, it had already been deducted from my account and that I had received a statement from AT&T saying I had a credit on closed account. The CSR agreed it was probably a mistake on their part and that they had probably just credited the payment to first account on the list.

The CSR gave the phone number for AT&T and told me I would have to call them and see if they could transfer the payment back to the correct account. According to the AT&T rep, the two accounts were from different division of Citibank, and that he couldn't access their system. The only resolution he could provide was to send me a refund check.

I called Citibank back and gave them the update. I just happened to get the same CSR I had talked to 10 minutes earlier and she said I should have talked to a manager, but since I hadn't, she would give me to her supervisor. The manager reviewed my account and said she could see they had screwed up in April too, but I would have to contact the bank again and get this checked faxed as well in order for her to make the adjustments.

So the check has been faxed again. I'll have to call Citibank again and see if they received it.

This is just very frustrating.
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