Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

L and I both worked at the store yesterday. When we got off at 4:30, we headed over for some much needed Starbucks.

Since it was such a beautiful day, we decided to run down to The Plaza to walk around. We both miss our nightly ritual of walking The Plaza or Westport. But with our schedules, the way they are, we just don't have the time we used to. The walking does both of us good, and it was always a time to give Baby some time to sniff the trees.

L is really worried, since Baby has been acting lethargic and not eating. He took him to the vet and they couldn't find anything wrong, but did some x-rays. He finally got the results back on those, and the news wasn't encouraging. They indicated that his heart is enlarged and may be signs of the onset of congestive heart failure. Baby has been with him for almost 11 years. He's not only his service animal, but his closest companion. I'm worried how he will handle it when Baby does finally pass.

Anyway, after walking around for almost two hours, I suggested we eat out for a change. Since I didn't have a suggestion for a place, L thought Crown Center, since neither of us have been there in several years. We ended up eating at Milanos. They have an outside patio, which is really just the sidewalk. It's noisy with all of the traffic on Grand, but there are so many fountains around, a lot of the traffic noise was drowned by the sound of water.

We weren't expecting to have live entertainment with dinner, but there's a big dancing fountain across the street. There were several people running and playing in the water. However, I wasn't thrilled when the one really heavy-set girl, in the mini-skirt decided to stand right over the fountain jets and let them spray up her skirt. L thought she was taking a piss, I thought she was douching. Neither were appetizing thoughts while eating.

He had to work today, but I was off. I should have gone over to mom's to visit, but I've been spending the day doing laundry and dishes. Anyway, time to go shower and feel human again.
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