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Week In Review, or about there somewhere......

I guess the trip to Dallas is a good place to start.....

L and I have taken many trips together. It is always an "adventure". This trip to Dallas was no different. Now, as long as L and I have lived together, and as much as we have in common, there is one major difference. 95% of the time, if I have to be someplace, I arrive 15 to 20 minutes early. L, on the other hand, will probably be late for his funeral.

He had started packing for the trip, a couple of days earlier. I waited until Wednesday afternoon. But when I started getting ready, I made the mistake of saying something, and he started on a hunt. Of course, that meant he wasn't finishing packing and getting ready. We had planned on being at the airport an hour before flight, but instead ended up there only 1/2 hour early. As we walk up to the counter, we are informed that our luggage probably would NOT make this flight, because "you're supposed to check in at least 30 minutes prior to departure". And I'm thinking to myself, look at the clock bitch, it is 30 minutes prior. Now, maybe ONLY 30 minutes, but still. She told us, if they didn't make the flight, the bags would follow us on the next flight, Thursday morning. And we would have to go to the airport to pick them up, because, THEY DON'T DELIVER!

So we board the plane. The whole flight down, he's fretting that the bags weren't on the plane and we wouldn't have clothes for the conference the next morning. I wasn't as worried, since the plane was almost empty, so they shouldn't have had any problems getting our luggage added. Anyway, get into Dallas and the luggage was there. Crisis 1 averted.

We head out to the rental corral and get the car. We're both craving Starbuck's and the nice little attendette in the rental booth assured us there was one just 3 exits down on 183 towards FW, and she was sure they were open until midnight, (current local time 11:05).

Well, we find the store she told us about. Of course, they were closed already. However, they were nice enough to open the window, (after we beat on it repeatedly), to let us know there was one store about 8 exits on down that was open until 11:30. And to not be fooled by the other 7 Starbucks we'd pass, at each of the exits, because they would all be closed as well. We found the right one, got our coffee and headed towards downtown and the hotel.

By this time, it's after midnight and neither of us had eaten. So we pulled into a 24hr Whataburger to get something to go and headed on to the hotel. We get to the hotel and go to check-in and crisis/fun part 2 begins. Now I made all of the reservations almost a month in advance, and we already knew there were two conventions in town from talking to the rental car people. The front desk clerk why we were there. We told him we were checking in, at which point he told us they were already full. I let him know I had a reservation. Gave him my name and he started looking. The next question surprised us. He asked, wasn't I traveling with someone else? I told him yes, and pointed to L. And he said that my traveling companion, had already checked in and gotten the key to the room. HUH???

So, 45 minutes later, we finally get into a room. Now I paid extra for a room with a balcony, when I made the reservations. And the front desk flunky assured us, it was just a paperwork messup downstairs, and this room was really our room. Except, we walk in and there is an envelope on the desk addressed to another guest, and no balcony. Back downstairs to complain, and we're told there are no other rooms, but he'd discount the room rate to the non-balcony rate. Hotel stay, day one, discounted $15.00.

By this time, it's 1:45, the whataburgers are congealed in the bags and we have to be in Frisco at 8:00 in the morning. That's about 20 miles North of downtown. And several people told us, we'd need at least 3 hours, because Dallas traffic is so bad. Day 1 - not so good.

Well, we did get up early on Thursday. Neither of us felt too hot, but we managed to get showered and ready and out the door about 7:00. The drive North wasn't as bad as predicted. In fact, we made it in about 45 minutes. Found the hotel where the conference was being held and got checked in and then called the hotel to complain about last night. Guest relations said they would have the property GM give us a call around lunch.

The conference was good. We got a lot of useful information to bring back. At lunch, L got the call and the GM apologized and gave us Thursday night free plus he was going to move us to balcony room. He wanted to know if we just wanted the bellman to move our stuff while we gone and we told him no. In fact, we had put a do-not-disturb sign on the door, because we didn't want any of the staff in our room. Hotel stay, day two, discounted $120.00.

The conference went the rest of the afternoon until they gave away the door prizes. I won a new HP laptop. Day 2 - looking better.

We get back to the hotel and talk with the front desk manager, who says they have arranged for us to be in another room, with a balcony. We tell him, we'll go up and pack everything and then come back down for the new keys. We get to the room and notice, 1) the newspaper we left laying on the hallway floor that morning is gone, 2) the DND sign on the door is gone, 3) open the door and find a "Thank you for celebrating Earth Day" card laying on top of our luggage and 4) all fresh towels in the bathroom. L is furious. We had our laptops and L's traveling pharmacy in the room, neither of which we were happy about possibly getting taken. So he called down to have a meeting with the GM.

We head downstairs, the GM comes out and we head into a private room and explain the situation and our "disappointment" with the hotel. Hotel stay - day 3 - discount $120.00.

From there, the trip became a Sonny-Do. L grew up in Dallas, and his mom and step-dad still live in Grand Prairie. So we were obligated to go over Thursday evening. But that was it. Friday and Saturday would be fun time. Yeah right. We only got down to the gayborhood for a late dinner on Thursday night. He's already said, the next trip to Dallas, he's not even going to let them know he's in town.

Then back to KC, Saturday night. Nice to get away, too short of a time and too much time spent with his parentals.

Then this past week, I ended up having some car problems and had to take the car in to the dealership on Saturday. The problems appear to be fixed, but it ended up being $800.

Yesterday was inventory at the store. They scheduled everybody to come in at 5:00 pm and do inventory until midnight. Well, since the store doesn't close until 7:00, they didn't want to start early. Everyone stands around until 7:15 when they decide they want to have a meeting to let everyone known the game plan. Anyway, we didn't get started until almost 8:00. I was finally allowed to leave at 3 something this morning. To say the least, today has not been a fun day.

Oh well, I guess I've rambled enough. If anyone actually made it this far, I'm sorry.
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