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Ok, I'm sitting at my desk, wondering if the phone will ring before I leave. Well, cause, you know, he did say it. He said he'd call back in 10 minutes. Ya, I know, that was 15 minutes ago. And I will be leaving in another 10. So, I might get to do this all again tomorrow. WOOHOO!!!

Back up to 3:00 this afternoon. That's when it all started. I called Dell support. 1 hour and 10 people later, I still don't have the issue resolved. Although, they have charged me $239.00, for support that the other group says I can't use.

And the spare parts people say they can't help me, that I have to talk to the out of warranty people, who just transferred my to spare parts.

So after getting off the phone, I sat here and thought.....instead of getting upset and frustrated, I should turn this into some sort of game or contest. How many times can you get transferred at Dell, and still not get the problem resolved. I'm sure there is some record out there, and I'm probably no where near it, but it something to shoot for. I now have a goal!!
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