Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Walking the path to the dark side

Ok, it's official. March 11, 2007, the day I took the first step on the path to the dark side.

I've fought the urge for years. Always coming close to falling off the edge, but able to rationalize and bring myself back from the brink of destruction. I almost succumbed back at giftmas, but remembered the mental arguments and managed to refrain.

And those arguments were always the same. The price was too high. I hate proprietary formats that force you to follow a singular regime. And the biggest and most important, I did not want to be an automaton Applebot.

Well, I went to a training event last night, and one of the door prizes was an IPod Shuffle. The final drawing number was mine. So now I'm the "proud?" owner of a silver 1GB Shuffle.

Now, this is just one small step on that path. I'm still close enough that I can get back off. So don't expect me to announce I'm getting a new Mac. :)
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