Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, in case you didn't hear. Those of you that ran out and bought a PS3, hoping you could use to watch porn in super, high definition, looks like you are out-of-luck.

Sony says NO to Porn on Blu-Ray Disc

Apparently, Sony has decided to follow the same course they did, when they said no porn on Betamax. Which many speculate was the downfall of that product. Will Blu-Ray suffer the same demise? Only time will tell. But it could become a question of who has the most followers, Disney and Sony?, or the multi-billion dollar porn industry?

On a different note, I found out the cause of the sour milk, last weekend. My refrigerator died. I knew it wasn't working as well as it should, but I finally stuck a thermometer in it this weekend. The freezer part was getting down to 22°F, but the refrigerator part never dropped below about 58°F.

So L and I spent last night cleaning out the old one, in preparation of getting a new one delivered by the complex this morning. (Well, the maintenance guy said it would be a new one, when L talked to him last night.) I guess new is a relative term. From what I've been told, the one he delivered this morning is actually about a year old, and has quite a few nicks and bangs on the outside. But that it is actually getting cold. L also said, the cute grounds keeper boy helped the maintenance guy deliver it. This is the one who keeps almost losing his pants, because they're 10 sizes too big, as he walks around picking up trash. L said there were a couple of times he wanted to help the kid lose them.

Anyway, I guess that's about it. I work at the store tonight. Then there is supposed to be some sort of Windows Vista launch party, at one of the other stores, after work.
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