Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

2 bits of info

I found out two things last night.......

1. Steaming milk for a latte', after it's gone bad, creates really hard, chunky foam.

2. The latte' made with it, tastes really nasty. And those hard chunks are kind of gritty in your mouth.

Now it wasn't as bad as the Quick Trip incident from several years ago. On that fateful morning, I stopped at QT, on the way into work, and bought a carton of chocolate milk to drink on the way. Jumped in the car and headed into traffic. Opened the carton and took a big swig of cottage cheese. Do you know how hard it is to keep from spitting/puking, while driving in rush hour traffic? And to know, that you have another 20 minutes of driving before you can get to work and wash that nasty taste out of your mouth.


So I went out today, to run some errands, including buying fresh milk. I decided to do it this afternoon, before the for-casted snow hit. Apparently, everyone else had the same idea. The stores looked like it was gift-mas, all over again.

It's been snowing for about 4 hours, and there's about 1 1/2 inches on the ground. Luckily, I don't have anywhere I need to be tomorrow. Even with 200 lbs of sand bags in the trunk, my little Mustang doesn't really like snow.
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