Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Danish Movie

I watched a Danish movie tonight. The movie was called Smukke Dreng (Pretty Boy). I am somewhat surprised that this movie was allowed to be released in the US, with all the laws surrounding child pornography. It was Christian Tafdrup's first movie. He was only 15 when it was released. And there were several shots showing his naked butt. Yes, he is cute, and did have a nice butt, but still.....

The movie itself was fairly good, although disturbing. He plays Nick, a 13 year old runaway, who gets caught up in prostitution. He falls in love with his pimpette, and ends up doing something really stupid at the end.

Other than that, I am taking my normal partial vacation from the day job for the month of December. As usual, I'm going in a couple of days a week, that turns into 3 or 4. Tomorrow is a prime example. I have a meeting I have to attend, so instead of a day off, I'll be spending half of it at work.

Last week, it was two days, that I had to go in for meetings. Admittedly, it's only half days, but it's still one less day of vacation.
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