Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

I really hate this time of year.

< RANT >
There's no where to escape the political bullshit. It's become a contest of who can discredit whom the best. For the last several elections, I've gone to the polls and voted, not for the people I REALLY WANTED in office, but the ones I hated the least. We've got a real fight going on for Senator, this year. It's grabbing national attention. Again, I really don't like Claire McCaskill, but I hate Jim Talent.

We've also got a couple of other "hot" issues in the state. One is for whether the state will allow stem cell research. Again, one that's drawing national attention. Especially since the Michael J Fox commercial, and that fat prick, Rush Limbaugh making his stupid comments.

But than I have to step back and look at that situation. RL just keeps throwing out digs, like grinding his shoe in an open wound. And I know he's just baiting everyone to slash back. It's no different from the bully that keeps poking the pit bull with a stick. When the dog has had enough and bites the little f**k, he runs and cries and gets all sorts of rewards for being such a brave boy, and the dog gets puts to sleep.

And then there's the other initiative. Adding a new tax to tobacco products to fund anti-tobacco campaigns. I can't stand these types of "moralistic bullshit" taxes. First off, it's not the government's place to promote/dissuade the use of tobacco. Second, it's not the responsibility of the people who are smoking, to pay to prevent others from smoking. If you don't want your kids to smoke, you should pay for it yourself. That's like the government suddenly adding a $1.00 per drink tax to help fund MADD. (Ooops, I better not say that too loud, or else that will be the next step they take.) It's almost as stupid as the idea to use a smoking tax to fund the national health care initiative.

Ok, I'll stop now.

< / RANT >
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