Michael (spudpuppy) wrote,

Ok, so life has been really busy for the last month or two. And busy doesn't necessarily mean exciting.

Looking back, I see I've only made 4 entries here in the last two months. And have only been able to check what's happening in others' lives maybe a couple of times a week. So I'm usually 2 or 3 days behind. So if I comment on an entry, several days after the fact, or not at all, please forgive me.

So, what's been taking all my time? I guess I might as well go backwards. Hopefully I'll remember the high (low) points.

Last week, we had a network outage. People could use the local network with some sluggishness, but it was functioning. However, access to email and servers outside KC were all completely shut-down. Of course this was a major issue, since it was the first of the month, and all of the inventory, production, etc numbers for the previous month had to be in to accounting by Tuesday afternoon.

So I spent an hour, Monday morning, on a conference call with one of our IT guys and a CSR from Covad. She finally said she couldn't determine whether it was our DSL connection or something else, so she'd dispatch a tech out, sometime Tuesday or Wednesday. Of course, the IT guy wasn't very happy with that response and pretty much let her know it.

Apparently it worked. I had a Covad tech show up about an hour later. He ran all his tests, reconnected all the wires and declared it wasn't their problem. So back on the phone with IT.

Now, I don't know if I've ever talked about how we're structured. Our corporate offices, are currently located outside Philadelphia. However, when we were bought out last year, the new management team had an office, here in Lenexa, Kansas. Now they adamantly said, there was no way they were moving the corporate offices to KC. And continued to say that, all of last year. But this spring, they moved out of their old Lenexa offices into a new bigger building down the street. And with that move, announced they were moving the IT department to the new KC offices. So now I have a small IT group, just down the street.

With that said, I got a visit from one of the new guys, Monday afternoon. He was going to come out and find the problem. So I spent all afternoon, running around the plant with him. He thought he'd located the issue and declared it fixed and left.

Tuesday I came in and the problem was still there. I spent all day Tuesday trying to track down the cause of the outage. By Tuesday evening, I had come to some resolution, but the things still weren't fixed. I had identified more areas that needed correcting, but had just run out of time to work on them.

I knew Wednesday would be a continuation, but wasn't prepared for my morning. On Tuesday night, I had noticed the lights on my car were kind of dim, and the electric windows were going up and down reeeeaaallllly sloooooow. But didn't give it too much thought. Wednesday morning, the car had a hard time starting and suddenly I noticed the charging gage wasn't showing it charging. But stupid me, I thought I could still head into work. About half way there, I reconsidered my decision and decided to turn around and head home. Unfortunately, that's also the point when the car decided to die.

I had to have the car towed to G's to have him look at it. I also called work to let them know. Of course, they told me the network outage was even worse than it had been. And that they were calling the Lenexa guys back.

So while I'm at the mechanic's, I get a call from N, the same guy from Monday. (Now I should point out, this is the new guy in charge of the network. I'm sure he is talented, but, he looks like he's about 17 and has absolutely no personality. And believe it or not, he talks even softer than I do.) I tell him all the stuff I found on Tuesday and where I thought we were. I also told him, depending on how long it took to fix my car, I'd be in later, $300 later to be exact.

So I headed into work around noon. We spent the rest of the afternoon tracking down computers that were infected with a virus. (I told him, when I talked to him from the shop, that we needed to use packet sniffing software, to determine what computer(s) were causing the problem.) I finally got home around 7:30. Finished up the last few on Thursday and seem to have corrected the problems.

To say the least, that pretty much screwed last week.

The week before I had a dentist appointment on Monday. It's been a couple of years since I went, because they were screwing around with my insurance and changed carriers. My dentist wasn't on the new carriers approved list. He finally got added and so I made an appointment.

He found a couple of deep pockets on the back side of my molars and therefor, referred me to a periodontist. Initially, the referral was for about three weeks away, but the nurse called back a couple of hours later and said she had a cancellation, could I come in on Thursday.

So Thursday afternoon, I had my second dental appointment of the week. He basically said, because my wisdom teeth had been impacting on my molars, they didn't heal right after they were removed. He would start a treatment plan, involving deep tissue cleanings, but didn't want to venture a prognosis. Oh joy!

And yes, the month of September did start off with the trip to Seattle. I still haven't pulled the pictures off the camera. Of course, before I can do that, I need to clean some space off my computer, too much porn and all. :)

I'm sure there's been other stuff, but this entry has grown long enough already.
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